About Me

I am an accountant who writes as a hobby. I am into Judeo-Christianity, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, Tao, Yogic practices, Squash, Edutainment and Mentoring.

More about me….

I am thrilled to have been nominated for the Liebster award…..

  1. My favorite cologne is Cologne by Thierry Mugler
  2. My favourite sport is squash
  3. My favourite book is Dune by Frank Herbert
  4. I am more spiritual than religious
  5. I believe in life after death but not in reincarnation
  6. I prefer Tea to Coffee, and rather CocaCola to Pepsi
  7. When I was five I wanted to grow up to be a pilot, now I’m close to 45 and I have a pilot pen
  8. I believe that angels exist but aliens probably not
  9. I am more athletic than sedentary
  10. I prefer the rain and cold weather
  11. I think humor disables distrust and politeness opens doors.