You see, your man? He is just like your dog. Just like your dog. It is as simple as that.

What do dogs do?

They might guide you if you are blind, yes? ok.

BUT, you need to trust your dog in order for dog to be able to do that? Yes? ok

When dogs see danger, what do they do? Do they bark?, yes? ok

And they can see danger that is not visible to the human eye? Yes? ok.

If a stranger threatens you or your children, your dog will bite that stranger, yes? ok

Ok. You can tickle your dog and he will play with you? yes? ok

You could throw a stick and say Rover go fetch? yes? ok

Yes, Rover will go fetch. Yes! Rover indeed will go fetch.

Your dog is loyal unconditionally yes? ok

I mean he does not go over to someone else’s house at bedtime, when he wants to sleep.

He might have run around in the mud and the dirt, but he still comes home anyway, yes? ok

He knows he might get punished for being dirty but he still comes home anyway.

He does not go to neighbour’s house, even in that sorry state, because he knows that neighbour might want to clean him up and then begin to claim him for their own.

Because, he doesn’t want anything that neighbour can give, he knows he has everything he desires from you, so he will come home. yes? ok

I mean, let me say it again, he knows he will be punished, he will still come home, anyway, yes? ok

So tickle him, he plays with you.

Throw a stick. He will bring it back for you.

He can guide you through darkness, and bleak black moments yes? ok

Do you know why? As you place your trust in your dog when you are in danger, who is looking out ……who is guiding………your dog?

I mean it is you, who, cannot see in the dark.

BUT, your dog can see in the dark yes? ok.

So dog cannot place his trust in you………Dog can only place his own trust……. in God.

And so by placing your trust in your dog, you are also, therefore placing your trust in God.