Elevate yourself to The Jet Set in Due Season 
(but always stay on the right side when you fly!)
One day while working at Burger King, I bought an Ancient Picture of Charlie Brown ….hey… It only cost me some peanuts!
But when I turned it around,  It turned out to be a warrior king!
Then to my surprise, he attacked me with a Haka!
Like that wasn’t bad enough? For him?
He then began to speak!
He delivered unto me a fine lecture!

Regaling me with great and wonderful things?
He told me how it really was
Back there at home in Ancient Atlantis!

He said!
In Atlantis!
We were young
Even at 200 earth years of age
We did not age if we did not want to!
We gamboled and gyrated by night
We toiled under the sun by day!
We had access to the sea via the coasts and our beaches were gold!
Our manufactories? Compressed!
And tucked in out of sight at night!
You could camp out at night and have a barbecue in dunes of moon sand!

We dressed scantily? Sure!
We loved to! But!
Our minds were bright and alight, we were Fire!!
We tapped into each others’ neurons
We communicated through divine light!!
And any new ideas of the day got transmitted via frequency sticks

And matter and thought! Light waves, sound! Everything moved

Via ripples of oxygenated air!
These sticks were everywhere,
As inconspicuous as toothpicks!
And Truly?
Every single neuron in humans was jacked in!
Knowledge, power and energy?
Was in the air!
And it WAS air!
And all you had to do?
Was breathe!

We  all understood Probability logic,
Divine Mattermagics
Psychotronic Communication, and Remote Healing!
We made billions of Atlantean Dollars,
Qauntumae of Argent d’Lemuria
Trillions! Of Pounds! Of Myrhh!
And Unquantable in value
Was the SapphireCrystal,
And then!
We invented!

And our countenances shone bright as we contemplated infinity!

We traversed via the triangulatorality
Between Orion, Sirius and AtlantisCentral
(What a boring nomen)
But the voters decided to name it thus? And that was that!
We had mastered Situational Holographics,
Existential Pre-monotionalities,
Modalities of Reversed Time and Divine Light Capture!
And then for the grand finale?
All we needed was a picture!
We had mastered time!

Indeed today we time-travel through pictures
Show me a picture and I can take you there!
A picture? Is just Divine Light Capture!
And that is how I begin to communicate with you.
Now I volunteer an opinion, continued Charlie Brown to me

Today in your race of men
Confuse ye all yourselves!
Your songstressii parody
Your society
When they should be working with grace!

They could be active sisters
Or divine nuns, Or spirit filled Mothers or Aunts!
Your actors play an excellent God but play dead when its time to pay
And they end up nowhere to be found whenever its time to be Dad!

And at your pinnacle to day
You glorify destructive farce,
You got teens munching on Oreo cookies,
Barely just stopped suckling the aureole

Yet they be in possession of nuclear arms!

They are young guns? Yes!
They say “innit?” Like it is only one word!
But what they mean is “is not it?”
Three words!
And does not “is it not” mean to you that you speak of that which is there?
And! In Auld slang, (sign and speech of times past!)
Something that was “mean” meant something that could fulfill a dream!

And as Charlie Brown’s picture continued to speak
I opened up my mind to the conversation!
It ran deeply dark and truly deep!
The knowledge was steep
An indifference curve of choices.
Akin and alike with an infinite curve of pure information
It was pure knowledge and complicated abstract theses!

The he said again to me.
You spent all of your youth in class
Whilst those such as had cash
Jet skied off to France up in the Swiss Alps they traversed in cable cars
In hot tubs in Iceland, they chilled!
The Jet Stream was their domain,
Now Benidorm, Now Spain
And if space was then available?
They would it too have made their tyrannic terrain!

I know it, I felt it, I am your pain!
Now take my hand lets right it
Let us go back there for tonight, the auspices are bright!

Tonight I will show you how to fly!
BUT Warning!! True knowledge?
Is nothing more than pure magic!
And magic tricks are simply this.
Magic is an application of anti-logic!

It is indeed a prediluvian art
It is what was created for Adam!
The “spirits” were made to serve Adam?
To work?
For him!
As he tended to and mastered Eden
The Mystical Garden!

And if you ever did see a spirit, just try!
You must remember this!
Spirits are just anti–human opposites?
Of matter!!

Now know ye that absolute truth
And absolute knowledge are one.
Indeed they be the same as absolute madness!

But if you try hard enough,
In truth and with only your mind?
Even without feathers you will fly!
Now heed the trick and pay attention now.
Elevation is the first process before you fly!
This is a prerequisite and must be achieved before flight otherwise in vain will you try!

And as I opened my mind further,
I remembered the times of when I’d lived
In Atlantis! Hallelujah! And then it was
That I could fly? Now I had elevated my mind!

And thus it was that I remembered
One night in the skies?
When I met a fire being in disguise!
He was a Phoenix, steeped readily and deep!
Resplendent was his ceremonial hue!
Amazing Blue-Black tones, Purples
Yellow and Green.
All colours seen and yet unseen
But there do exist in the rainbow!

He was in the middle of his own pyramid
It was a funeral pyre all of his own design!
And as our minds engaged and clicked, this he said to me.
Look! A favor? Is this!
I’ve left all my matches at home!
But tonight I be scheduled to rejuvenate, so please?
Do lend me some of the light from your soul!
Indeed as I now reconfigure and conflagrate mine
And as I strike and  soon will catch fire
In return I present to you this single feather of mine!
And then you too will be able
To do through this token
The same age old and time trusted trick
This is just a technique
And anybody can do it!

But always keep the feather with you
Otherwise when you land
No-one will be able to recognize you
And then it is that you might end up in a human zoo!
And as he lit up I saw his new form and shape ascend
Saying as he climbed up into the skies?

A light being you emerge from womb into a prism You!
Are a prisoner of light!
You are in a process as precise as the precession
Of the Equinoii and you are diffracted!
You are fractured and disseminated
And disintegrated? And by the time life is through!
Even if your first estate was holy,
By then? You will have crumbled!

You be totally in ruins, your spiritual cassocks in tatters
Though your undergarments be silk
And your scarves might be Alpaca and your weave-on be finest silk from Peru!
And if as you progressed through life
You elevated yourself to the jet set out of season?
That is exactly the reason why
You crash-land every time you fly!


Elevation to the jet set in wrong season is only done by kids
Exactly! When they are up to no good!

They are single purposed
And they are groomed? To succeed!
All the knowledge that they have? They apply!
They are masters of every sphere
Their strength is the use of their intelligence
And by any means necessary too!
And indeed they are very, very, far from fools!
It is them who truly understand how to maneuverer
For from the left they swing!

The pinnacle of left wing philosophy
Is single focus and mono-eyed action
Though capitalists say this is the one sure way to get moneyed!
But then what will be the purpose,
If you elevate, out of due season
And when you crash, you land into a human zoo?
And die and then get encapsulated in to your own tomb!!

But from today, I will
Sustain your elevation
I will not leave you guideless and without instruction!
Indeed more important!
Than my token?
Is this!
The command is simple!
Elevate yourself! For you too have a right to fly!

And indeed you MUST go with the jet set In due season!

Scary it may seem, as your paradigm shifts
The veil before your eyes is lifted
But by my feather you are granted true liberation!
And then he said once again (and again?)

Elevate yourself to the jet set in due season!

And then I understood! It is up to each how we choose!
And though I still carry the Phoenix -Feather
In a bind of pure leather
I have nailed it across my favorite book!
However it is just a token,
It is just a signal, a remembrance
Of the Phoenix who taught me how to return from deep flight!

In truth the memory runs deep
Indeed the cost was steep
A spark of light from my soul for a feather?
Nah it was the technique
Wisdom it is I bought!
Pure words of wisdom twas that which gave me my new life!

It is great to be alive whether on ground in simple crowd,
Or in the cloud amongst the Jet Set many
Of whom are dearest friends, they are family!
Indeed mates, sisters and brothers!
And in the rarified atmosphere of the stratosphere at Jet Speed?
Delirious rotation takes place!
At such speed it is crazy and sometimes?
I freeze!
And I imagine!
How it would be if we died at such heights?
Surely we would just fizzle and translate easily into heaven!

And on the other night there was a presentation
Entertainment was seven chart topping hits
And 26 private songs that will never be released
And this is why nobody ever wants to fall off or step off the ride
It is delicious!

EVERYBODY forgets who they are at such ecstatic height
And dizzying speed and comfortable is the situation
And delicious is all the material
That we find there
For consumption and/or ingestion!
And even if simply there
For your sample collection
Is fundamentally guaranteed!
This addiction is why!
Only Ever Will I!
Elevate Myself To The Jet Set In Due Season!
And how is it that I always stay right
When I elevate myself to the jet set in season?
How do I stay right when I fly with the addictible jet set?

Just one simple saying!
When I am there I make sure to remember
The Phoenix had whispered into my ear!
“Son you are but a feather
And so do not take it all too seriously!
But keep it light, and keep light within your own heart!
Remember the Light
And it will always see you through!”

Indeed those words above
Are what the Mysterious Phoenix said to me
On the day that I met him in the antiquity of ancient times!
In the skies of Atlantis
On his final ascent back up
Into primordial space and eternal now!
And every time I elevate myself to the jet set I see his face!
I remember the original day
An evening? In Atlantis!
In which a piece of my soul bought me a technique for return flight
To and fro I can fly and that is why I do!
I can elevate myself to the jet set in season when I fly!