God!! I need to change my job!! I need a new challenge!! I’m bored!! God!! I asked you yesterday, it’s been 24 hrs. already!! Why don’t you answer me!!!  God!! There is a promotion board approaching in six weeks!! I want to be head teacher!! I want to run it all!! God!! Shall I quote the scriptures back at you?? Should I send you a reminder?? Martin Joel continued in prayer and this attitude for five days and then on Saturday he decides to take a break from prayer.


Knock, Knock. There was a person at the door. Coming!! Martin Joel says. It is Saturday morning and two stunning women are at the door. Martin Joel recognises them as angels in an instant……… it wasn’t that hard, they both had their wings up on full display. Hi Martin Joel! I’m Michelle, and this is Gabrielle, our guvnor has asked us to come take you for a ride. Ok Martin Joel says, why not? Give me 2 seconds I will put some smarter dress on. Take your time Gabrielle says, but we don’t want to be late, we need to catch a bus at 9.51am Sharp.


The bus stop is across a traffic junction, as they approach, all the indicators turn orange. And at 9.51am sharp they begin to cross. Strange, Martin Joel says, what are the chances of that?? No Michelle says, few traffic controllers know about it. Is it a problem, He asks? Well yes and no Michelle says, lets walk across. We have a programme in the transport system. It allows us to do this, and whoosh, from the dead centre of the crossing they fly and in an instant they reappear in a laboratory high up in the mountains.


Wow!! Cool trick Martin Joel says, yes they say, we had to figure out a means of transportation that doesn’t freak the animals out especially the poor dogs!!!!  Loyal to the death to their masters, they couldn’t understand why they saw us, and you couldn’t!!! We’ve had a base in the mountains for eons, we’ve been meeting top scientists, religious authorities and top government officials for ages, some figure it out, some don’t, but welcome!! This is your first taste and tour of the space we choose to call The First Image of Heaven.


Martin!!  Guvnor says, tell me, how many people are on earth? 6 billion Martin says? Ok he says good answer!!   Are your horses and dogs included in your calculation too? Well no Martin says!! Yes!! There you go!! Self centred to a tee, he said, but they are people to me!!! You, Martin, will spend 24 hrs with us, we will create your new job and all the conditions on earth that are required for it to be you that wins the job. But most importantly, the conditions that will enable you to have the stamina to sustain it!! Get your iPhone ready, its ok to take pictures.


Patents, Moulds, Gadgets, Music, Fashion items, kiddies toys, scientific equations, medical procedures, de-weaponisation technologies, advanced linguistics and communication devices, synchronised agriculture, the list is endless!


Marty took pictures of everything, all on the iPhone. Then Guvnor sat him down with Michelle and Gabrielle, saying, each angel will hold one of your hands, Gabrielle on your right and Michelle on your left. Three of you will face me and, you Martin will be in a waking trance. Your body will be under the control of Myself through Michelle and Gabrielle; your mind will be speeded up to 25 times your normal perceptive alertness. Do not worry, its only 24 hrs, and at the level of perception you are now at, it will feel just like any normal 8hr day in the office.


Your creation is done Martin-Joel, well done.


Martin-Joel is back at home, it is evening, Michelle and Gabrielle are about to leave. No, wait!! Tell me more please!! Ok they laugh, see.  The story is just that when you pray for something you might not get it because the rest of the world isn’t ready, and conditions are not yet optimal for the maintenance of that particular creation. But for you, guvnor has advanced things for you. Guvnor has bequeathed on you the privilege of being a co-creator and witness to one divine day! Look at your watch date and time what does it say? Friday 9.51pm?? But how?? Exactly!! They said, go figure!! Look at your iPhone, are the pictures there?? Yes Marty said, ok point at a mirror can you see?  No!! Marty says the images are blank!! There you go, that stuff was for your eyes only!! Your mind will begin to forget and someday when your scientists have figured out how to really take and interpret pictures, others might see them too, and maybe one day you will all begin to understand that there aren’t 6 billion people on earth, there are about 2000 billion creatures physical and about 4000 billion creatures incorporeal!! All of whom are people, to the guv, and in fact, the incorporeal outnumber you!!


Ok our turn for a quick question to you!! How many days did we take to create your new job? Erm, one? he said, yes correct!! They say, well done!! Now if guvnor calls up each of your other fellows to co-create their new reality how long will it take? Erm, 6 billion days?? Wrong!!  Try again, they said. Ok less than 6 billion, because of synergy? Division of labor? Quick learning? They both laughed. The answer is at least 12 Billion!! In fact some programs predict 20 billion because of the evil deeds of the Stephanicians!!! But, that is the subject of quite another story!! Wow, he said more than double the time, in fact possibly more than triple? But why? Ok, the Angels say, we will create all the universes in 6 billion days no doubt. But we will then spend the next 6 billion days just working out and fixing the problems you guys have introduced into the creation!


Good night Martin, that is why we’ve brought you back to Friday night, we now need to go up and begin to correct all Martin-Joel’s creation mistakes!!!  Oh dear I’m so sorry, he says, can I come along, to help??  NO WAY they both laughed, you’ve had your own share of fun!!! Unfortunately, in order for the equations to remain in balance, we need to hold time constant for you for the next 12 hrs, therefore now sleep!!


It is Saturday morning; Martin-Joel is preparing to go out. There is a knock on the door, two teenage girls at the door. Hi Martin, I’m Michelle and this is Gabrielle, we are your new neighbors. We are tweens and we love dogs. We would like to take your dog out for walks with us at the weekends if that’s ok with you? Of course it is ok.


But strange Martin Joel says………., why on earth does it feel like I did meet you guys, sometime……. before??