BarZach was only 10 years old but of recent had been thinking of his tennis game. Indeed if he hoped to gain recognition and access to the team, the end result being a bevy of chicks, and indeed a coterie of chouchous?? These enticements did sound highly appealing to Barzach, and he got motivated even more!! And today, he had taken some lessons, and the shoes, they had finally adjusted!  BarZach could feel the tremendous power, which attended at the moment of breakthrough! Yes he was on his way to his tennis reward, which was a Coterie of Chouchous!!


Stanislaw was working furiously hard to deliver, with raw numbers, but, the current conversation was now about choice and no longer chance indeed the conversation was now around stark choices. And Ella was Stanislaw’s girlfriend and she was lay on the sofa. Both were twenty eight, in the prime of life, they had just moved into the new flat. As Ella described it, new flat was one of the residences in the gated Tropical Simulation Reservation and Settlement: The GaiaPhorm.


Indeed it, The GaiaPhorm was one of the most prime locations of the latest Jahustacassian developments, indeed with its very own private temporal transport portals!! Ella remembered her childhood with fondness, even though economically, life was challenging. She had grown up on an island.  50 years ago, on the Island, there was no privacy as you might call it, for indeed the purpose of the island was to simulate reality and represent it in Entertainment Form. Somehow she knew but could not say how, indeed was unable to see why.


On the TV, a strange advert did flash as the programme was running, but, the model presenter was madly captivating!! She had the softest doe eyes and they were emerald-green and golden-brown…..Just captivating and Simply Stunning.


Are you the one we seek?? Said the banner?

Are you ready to be??

Are you??

The next anticlaus?


The model was simply stunning, and it was impossible to ignore her, she was stunning and yes, she knew it.!! One of the Sisterhood, a fellow craftswoman of Ellas!!  On TV!!


Who is that Hot Lady!! Stan exclaimed, she is down pat the willyest!!

Now, Ella said, Mind your language Stan!! this is reality…its on TV!!  But, It does seem like you are now ready to make the choice!! So are we about to play the game, are you ready Stan?? Then did Ella proceed to remove 4 objects-artefactine from her formal bag. Indeed from her SisterhoodBoxatrix bag…..


A Black Mirror


A BuckFulleresque Tesseract of Black Obsidian and glass


A SaturnAlien Cube


A Reality Matrix Generator of Mephistopheles.


Indeed right there in full display, did Ella present to Stan saying


Here before you are examples of4 ObjectsArtefactine of the Blackest and Darkest of Arts.


What the F..k `Ella!!!  Et TU??


Have not your most High Sisters ever not told you, that they, Your Sisters!! did derive  all their expertise from The Dedicated and Deliberately Deathly Application of the Human-Animal Detection Techiques of the Gom Jabber??


Did you not know?


I still do have a case pending at the Universal court!! Against the Gom-jabber!!


Really Ella


… tu?


Stan decides to Go-Basement and in the basement sinks into his favorite chair.


Switches on the TV, Tunes into his favorite channel.


Ella pops her head round “Look Stan, we have to do this sooner rather than later, and I suspect we might be on the verge of Total-Left-Out by our Fellows-High in Society and I am getting worried, ok??” Sure: Stan says. Maybe tomorrow.


In the topmost left corner, an obscure part of the TV screen, an Image of the 244th President of Usaidia in the presence of the negative AIIEL. It seems he is signing a document. An instrument of contract, known as an Acceptance to Integrated and Interchangeable Job facilitation.


Three boxes are checked, the Camera zooms in,

244th President Usaidian from 5018 to 5025

32nd High worshipful Master 5023—-

4th Most High Anti–Claus Operand 5015—-

My goodness exclaims Stan.

Commoners and their lust after titles!! Who needs three? Who wants to have a go? Who wants to be a Lord??


On the other side, the boy approaches the Mephistophelian Matrix Generator  What is your name the matrix asked, and came the reply. “My name is BarZach,”

Ok BarZach. I Welcome you. And what is it that you seek?


Well it is Playtime, and I am allowed, to wander around as I please


And The Mephistophelian Matrix Generator did ask again? What then is it that, you think you seek?


No Mephisto, replied BarZach. That there is still part of your function…you show me!!


Then did the Mephistophelian Matrix Generator project in an instant, the 10 year old boy, directly into the game room situated at the base of the Usaidian White House. Then did the ten year old laugh, and he said. C’Mon Mephisto! I already beat you on that one a long, long, time ago! Lets do something different today!!


How about Black Obsidian and Glass??


Ten year old picks up Artefact…..And then became he catapulted in an instant again. This time into:


The World and Universal Politics Room and Hall of Records: in The Library of The Eternal Akasha


Ok now Mephisto, quit fronting!!  You’re tiring!!  Then did BarZach decide that he needed a coffee, there is a card in his pocket, and as he brushes his fingers across the card face, the card did read


“BarZachaela Contramba;

The 32ndMost Worshipful Master

The 4th Anti Claus.

244th President of Usaidian”


10 year old says: Wow! Invisible ink!!! Cool Trick!!

Lets see what happens if I change the angle……hmm….. and he swipes his finger cross the card face again and again did the card read


“BarZachaela Contramba;

The Most Worshipful Master Anti Claus.

244th President of Usaidian”


Then did Mephisto whisper in his ear…BarZachaela, you cannot escape. It is written and look!! Rght here!! This is a master copy of The Divine Light Picture of you!! And indeed your family, now look BarZach!! What do you see?


Who is that ? 



That is Adonijah says BarZachaela.

Okay!!  Top marks!!

Now look again. Who the hell is that??


Well, That must be NocheEphera


Bingo!! Mephisto says. Finally!! You’ve got it!!


In French iByarixcian the words Christ and Claus are interchangeable, and Lucifer is spoken as NocheEphera and indeed all four are one and the same, which proof lies in and is contained by, the body of work which culminate in the last Confessions of the Ancient Goddess Freya, who met her fate at the hands of the Emerald Green Twin of Errata, for her callous act of disdain against the natural existence of The Twins of Errata while they were yet in infancy.