Prince Felix the Greek gambled his penis in Venice, and lost!!

While the Romans were getting busy

Building basilica domes in their streets

And the Italians were busy as well

Creating the Operae?

Those that be which did result in pure uproar!!

In such theater! As befitting to be seen in

by Queens!!

The French agreed to pay

For a new phallus with all their pennies,

And indeed they had to sell some of their expensive

And highly prized ponies too!!

A new Phallus!!  Heck!

Even the Ph..ll…stines  were roped in on the trick!

But the Brits said,


Its Black obsidian and it is glass!!

We’d have preferred, even if it be made of grass,

To be colored peony!!

That is the only color befitting the social class that we be!

Then said the Hermister, you there!!

Go summon the Magister!!

This be one trick that we cannot do with phonies!

For in dealing with sang real,

We need real and authentic Magic

No tricks!

Magister was in the bar, for it was 11 o’ clock and Beer!!

And Magister looked all round the bar room.

Magic Sticks? My Magic Sticks are all brooms!!


And the Brits began to Chagrin and said,

Look here, this be some pumice

Dost thou thinks if we stick a Magic broomstick in

And wrap it all around with some plasticine

And flank it either side with 2 Buckminster Cubes

Then we parade it at a distance!

Through the streets of the West and the Minsters

Would that do?

Do you think anybody would notice

That instead of a dick

We’ve got a broomstick

And two frigging bucky cubes positioned around some pumice?


Alas this question beggared the Magister and floored him like a left hook!!


Then Magister said, heck go get Trickster!

For today? The trouble is serious!

Hermetica and Magica do not seem to want to play!

Then Trickster said look

This should never be written in any book

For what trick I’m about to do

Will get you guys both off the hook!


We must send Felix away for some time, while I just put on a mask

And cover me with some ash and say to the masses

“Again I return to you from the ashes of my own flames”!

And so did all the nobles and dukes and such re-al folk say

Who Ra? And Who Ray!

Trickster once again? Has saved the day!

And that is why to this day

We re-enact the same play

About him who was on fire for 3 years

And then? He died!


But wait here is the trick

He did come back alive?

Yes he did!!

But only after three days had passed!!

And if you can believe the above?

That is exactly the reason why!

No one has ever been able to figure out?

How the heck it was that he came back alive?


Except only of course if his Resurrection? Was TRUE!!!