Trash mysteriously disappeared! Pans and dishes washed themselves!

Jigsaw puzzles, Jenga Bricks and Ninjagos rearranged themselves!

Until late one night I heard

First a silent whisper then a cough.

Mom was working late, Dad was out of state

On a seminar or on a sales trip trying to flog electric cars!!

Bro and I had a deck of cards…the game we played was crazy eights

Hold on bro, keep the card deck tight don’t cheat, let me go take a looksee!

And that was when I got the biggest shock so far in my eight years of life!

Grandpa? Grandpa in the kitchen doing the dirty dishes!!

And that’s how I discovered at eight

That seasons and times themselves do not rearrange

Though man will seek to change laws?

Even space will we dare to challenge?

Space will we dare to rearrange and conquer!

Indeed we once lived under open skies,

But now Kepler and Copernicus who both discovered laws !

Must have had blinkers…. and Indeed  must have had blankets over their eyes!

And Einstein’s curved space? nah!! …that is just the dome that caps the sky!

And indeed the earth that you thought was once round?

………….Is now flat!

Robots might wash your dishes

And surely will soon clean your cities

And very very soon? Might even go to war!

But you had better make sure that, that robot is not you!

If you feel the temptation to partake in spectralisation

Of the s………….y of little children at  age four!

Or anthromorphication of deity and glorification and participation in b…………..y?

Remember the days of old when in your own home,

Dad was around and Mum was even more so

And indeed it was she that ran the home!

But we got smarter, faster! Wiser, slicker !

Supermum was busy and Dad was in flight!

On some days, both were in late night meetings in the city!

Neither of them had time to be home!

…………….And that was how grandpa ended up in the kitchen doing dishes!

Don’t be good for me or for yourself..nahh..that’s selfish….

Be good for your kids….or your granps!

For they are the true custodians… of magic!

Do not believe or seek to partake

In that which you observe when you look round!

For it might have been changed, renamed, profaned or arcaned!

And now dogs might even run humans at the lost but found!

And human money used to be pounds

But now?

It is just flesh!

And that is exactly how you know that there is no time left!

Just remember to be human,

For all are we and only but men!

We ain’t robots or dogs and far from it are we

Though  gods we might think we be!!

Just remember there have been good acts of old

Someone did something for us we could not do on our own!

Our Granps paid a high price for us by doing the dishes!

And so with the deepest respect to the aged amongst us….Thank you!

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