So while humans wondered at their prodigious offspring, these offspring, my cadre mates were melancholy beyond belief. Finding out how they are bound by the temporal anomaly and therefore unable to display more than 1% of their own wisdom, my cadre mates suffered immensely. For this reason, I became a great composer; of music, of rhyme and of song. And I would play a new song each night to my fellows, as we departed alternate reality and headed back home. Phoenix Potentates no doubt pose a great challenge to their families and to others, but, they are the coworkers that old Phoenix needs in order to succeed! First of all he has to identify and then enlist them, in order to compile the data for Juvenal. Evidence of time shift or slippage is the currency that is used in the trade off by Juvenal, with Synchron!!

As we progressed in stature and school, I realised the more that I was indeed an old phoenix soul. Here on earth I was 6 years of age, but soon enough came the day that the significance hit me. For there can only be one phoenix at a time!! Therefore a death match could occur before the old one gives way to the new!! There could literally be hell on earth in that process, and that thought bothered me down to my bones. But I took comfort in the knowledge that hardly did we ever need to perform this event: a death match.

 Because it was expected of all Phoenix, strict adherence to the code which said, that the old always give way to the new. Except it was now the time of Auld Stephanius, and so it was said that he had taken a deep vow. Hidden somewhere in the mists of time, at a location long since buried in dust. Stephanius had invoked a deep vow, that he, and only he, would be, the reckoner and artificer of his own demise. For this reason did we all come down with frightful shock, when we met Stephanius indeed, that ancient and hoary headed Dragon, Auld Stephanius!! Face to face with Auld Stephanius himself, Stephanius the Dragon, the ancient one, it was impossible not to tremble!! Stephanius of the ages was the greatest Magister, he had mastered the negative ether. And he had harnessed its power, to every single last drop!! Such awesome infernal and primordial power under Stephanius’ own control!! Stephanius!! He truly was an ancient one! His charter mark was a sigil which spoke…“the conflagration…of doom!!!” And Auld Stephanius was absolutely ready, to literally fight my fellows and I to the tomb!!

Who was Auld Stephanius in the beginning? And what happened to him on his way? What maleficent event had happened, that drove him the negative way? That question might never be answered, and we may never know fully well, for Auld Stephanius kept his tongue shtum, as he dove straight in, and took his secret with him!! Stephanius did dive to the bottom of the primordial Black Hole, without the token feather of peace, thus, Stephanius shattered the bounds of our order for good!!

Could it be then that Stephanius had indeed been, the primal cause of the time shift? Had he mastered yet some more deep infernal tricks that enabled him to outwit Great Synchron? And in the instant Stephanius died, it hit me and I felt the loss!! 7,000 earth years became wiped out in an instant!  And then I realised! Now I knew!! Stephanius of the order of the ancient ones was indeed a terrible Dragon.

But yet then, how on earth could it be, that Stephanius the ancient one was me!!!????

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