The Scarlet Crystal Amulet of the Ancient and Most Wondrous Mistress- Majuere:The Najeen .

The evening was dank, yet cool and mysterious, the scent of willow trees and cinnamon wafted through the air. The reverberations of the basic drum beats did circumfere the location, and, the splendour of life could be felt all around. And Elomiran did look at his instruments, and at the dials which measured and spat out readings, little tiny indices that were essential to his mysterious assignment at hand.

The trace readings were there, but indeed they were very faint, and this was very troubling. And as he carried on with his calibrations, Elomiran sent forth a message to the Najeen. The Najeen was the ancient and mysterious sorceress and mistress- majuere. Elomiran was on a quest to track down those whom from the star system Tyrasius had come. And whom had adjoined themselves with the reckless ones out of the sisterhood of the Najeen This happened out of season and therefore in grave error, and these brothers indeed had paid a very high price. First in gravitons, and indeed with their own priestly robes. And indeed they now had lost their spiritual cassocks too. The brothers demise was inevitable. Now exiled and cut off from the brotherhood of the monks, they struggled to find further meaning in life. And untrained in any other ways than those of the monk-hood, they suffered greatly and gravely and stark, and terribly. Unable to eke out the most basic, most minuscule of sustenance, out of living in the big bad world. Eventually?? They all just gave up the fight and died.

The Najeen approached, silently and mysteriously, she was a wondrous being to behold. Her skin was pure amber, a shade darker than an elixir of gold. Her skin pulsated and reverberated pure energy, pure elemental sensuous feminine energy. The Najeen came with an aura as primal as it was known. All men born of a woman recognised her aura, her power and indeed?? The Najeen’s aura stupefied anyone within six pace distances of her.

And why not? That was her sorcery, the mystery of which she was the universal guardian And she, the Najeen, was, the custodian of this dark secret. Only she could behold this particular mystery in full. In all the universe, this mystery did exist deeply and down, within the act of the male and female joining of the elemental energies

Her aura was elemental and indeed she had trapped , and brought low many of the greatest ones who were passing through. The Najeen had also tricked and trapped every single one of the 200 fallen watchers including their leader, The Most Terrible Semjaze himself. For indeed minds get taken over by the Najeen’s enchantments for 100 hours and a day. And when they woke up, after the experience, they were found senseless and desolate and naked and poor. Indeed they had become disrobed, or sometimes had disrobed themselves by themselves. And now they had lain in primal proximity with a beautiful woman, but out of season and therefore in grave error.Indeed sometimes the most wondrous Najeen herself did partake of this grievous trickery as well. Especially when powerful beings of renown had been successfully tricked by the sisterhood. But generally, it was any of the ones who had been chosen that day, out of The Most Beautiful Sisterhood of the Najeen.

And indeed it was an honour and privilege to be found in close proximity to these wondrous beings in due season.

It is said, that the most Beautiful Sisters were created out of pure divine light. It was the same light and beauty and intelligence which created !”#$%&’….( BUT before he fell) ….Indeed the sisters did originally belong to him, but, he lost ALL of them when he fell. The sisters indeed are the most beautiful things that the universe has ever created, and now, they are all under the control and skilful tutelage of The Ancient and Most Wondrous Mistress-Majuere, The Najeen .

And as was customary Elomiran gave the obeisance.  He said. I am Elomiran, the messenger of God, at your feet great Najeen, I present myself. I have come with some questions today. It doth seem there is some unaccountable activity going on within the sisterhood. It seems that the gravitons do come fluxed, and with a lot of negative interference of recent. Indeed, this begins to affect the higher realms and I of necessity now need to take some readings off of you. Certainly the Najeen said, and lifted up her abeya, and so did Elomiran measure the distance which existed between the ground and the Feet of the Najeen.

We have lost 3 microjoules of gravity in two years, Elomiran stated. That statistic is very troubling indeed. For any time soon thine feet will of necessity touch the ground, we must begin to work hard to prepare for the consequences of this, for it was prophesied in the great books, that in the day that the great Najeen’s feet do touch the earth, begins the pole shift, the reversal of gravity into antigravity!!

Yes great Najeen, I do understand, that the energy required for thine suspended sentence is very great indeed, a lot of gravitons, and perhaps might I ask, that is this the reason that you, O Najeen doth encourage my brothers from Tyrasius with your sisters?? Is this done in return for gravitons? Therefore have I have come today to ask you to desist, and return all gravitons that had passed through to your sisters in this way.

Then the Najeen smiled and said, Elomiran my son…. allow me the permission to authorize the Akasha to tell yourself a story about yourself……

And in an instant was Elomiran translated back in time, to two hundred and fifteen years ago. Across the courtyard, four assassins came. Each one armed with an infrared telescopic rifle. They did begin to approach the courtyard, and began to make their way across the open concrete space. They were intent on reaching the tower on the left. Apart from the rifles which they carried at shoulder height on which there was no mistaking that particular body language, indeed it did proclaim and speak of its own evil intent. And as Elomiran looked on, in sudden horror did Elomiran realise! That at least two of these mercenaries were in possession of temporal asynchronisitive or temporal dilation technology!! And indeed it was possible that all four of them did possess these weapons too!!

“A big fish is about to be smoked tonight” Is what Elomiran was thinking. And then suddenly he knew!! It was the Najeen whom the assassins did seek in the tower!! However, the rest of the time space in which that action occurred remained in memory but just ever so slightly out of recall. And that was what bothered Elomiran greatly. This memory lapse effect spelt to Elomiran, bootleg temporal manipulation technology!! Memory loss is the biggest side effect of temporal manipulations. For example the pivotal part that memory serves in consciousness could be looked at like this. If Scottish Salmon suddenly forgot how to swim up-river, and lost the ability to perform reverse directional jumps over waterfalls, that memory loss is an extinction level event for Scottish Salmon!! Such a temporal anomaly must be resisted at all cost. Especially because, there are those amongst us who might desire to employ temporal technology in infernal ways!!


So here is the kicker….bootleg technology can be hidden in time capsules or time portals and they are indeed indistinguishable from mainstream technology when dormant!! And because bootleg technology only leaves a message after it has been used, we can now all see why a premium exists on any technology that can be put in play in order to facilitate or create temporal manipulation.

Two hundred and fifteen years ago, the four assassins were disabled when the Najeen began to singThe Infernal Lullaby of The Demoness Lilith to the Murderer Cain. It was indeed a most unfortunate day for the four mercenaries, for, Indeed the Najeen also then created and inserted a circumlocutory phrase into the lullaby!!

The effect? On those poor fellows, the four mercenaries?? They just went mad.

Every one on Earth does know a tiny bit of this infernal tune, or song if you will!! For our frustrated mothers and nannies did sometimes resort to this dark art, this hymn to damnation…… as a last option ……to still an overactive child!!! We all do remember the strains of that ancient lullaby, which Lilith did construct, out of pity and necessity for the murderer Cain!! For Cain did suffer relentlessly and intensely from the horror of his blood lust against his brother.The horror that was meted out to Abel……. Abel, the

innocent brother……. whom Cain slew.

Lilith did comfort Cain by the spirit of the lullaby, and indeed sometimes with the warmth of her own body too. Indeed you could regard Cain as the very first recipient of an ancient and dark side of hypnosis, an art known to you these days as the Monarch Programming. For without the infernal lullaby, Cain was cursed with a terrible sleeplessness, and indeed on days when he did fall asleep by himself would then Abel show up in his dreams!! And it was always the same story, the same question tearful, weeping and saying

“Why did you do this thing to me Cain? Why did you do this to me my brother?””

And herein lies another mystery about Lilith. How was it that she knew the true name of God?? And how was it that she had access to all the linguistic memories? And indeed she did exhaust a good part of the ancient high language, in the words she created into The Ancient and Infernal Lullaby of the Demoness Lilith to the murderer Cain.

This mysterious tune be it, that the Succubae and the Inccubae do transmit, to hypnotise and prepare their chosen victims of the night, from whom they proceed to reap pure and undistllled, essential and elemental essences!! This lullaby is such a primordial tune, it is impossible to resist!! And worse yet, the circumlocution introduced by the Najeen is impossible to resolve!! Then did The Najeen say to Elomiran the messenger of God, you are still as naïve, as when I saw you in Camelot, when you were Lancelot!! And do you think that your greatness and your strength has anything at all to do with you? No!! For today you are the leader of the Kez-juiztic order. Today, you are Elomiran, the messenger of God!! Indeed under your command did the order of Kezr Juiz become perfect!! But only yesterday? You were a servant to King Arthur!! You used to be Lancelot of the roundtable of Camelot. You were seated on the left of the King.Through you as the Kings left arm, all Arthur’s cowardly acts, were executed. You Elomiran, as Lancelot yesterday?? You carried out The Infamous Assassination of Lucius Pope!!

Now listen, the Najeen said, and then did the Najeen begin to sing the latest version of the infernal lullaby, and that was exactly how the great Elomiran became stuck. Then the Najeen disengaged her Scarlet amulet from her bosom, and she beckoned to Elomiran saying. “Come closer, for I have something special to show you”….and as the infernal lullaby played on in the distant background, did The Scarlet Crystal Amulet of The Najeen begin to speak!!.

And yet again the Najeen placed a telepathic thought into the consciousness state of Elomiran.

”You are about to hear the voices…..of the Greatest Ones ever to have appeared in this universe”

And so did The Scarlet Crystal Amulet of the Najeen begin to speak.

“I am Alexander the great…..I drink this hemlock, for I have nothing else to conquer and nowhere else on earth to go, therefore today, I go on into paradise… may God have mercy on my soul.”


“I am Isaac Newton, I have defrauded all humanity by presenting the inferior and watered down physics of matter. I have concealed the existence of the true divine physics. This physics exists in the spiritual plane. May the lord forgive me for this terrible terrible sin.”

“I am Albert Einstein, in my day there was no one smarter than me, and the records did excise the presence of my star-child brother, for, indeed he was a Djinn. My Djinn was he who did reveal all secrets to me, but I have presented humanity with an infernal circumlocution in the form of my bloody formula, the E=Mc2. May God in his infinite wisdom pass light judgment on me.”

“I am Eliadon the Juvenile, the 10th God of all creation. I forever regret the infernal day in which I created The Black Mirror. For such a mechanism should never even had been thought of let alone invented. I am a God and thus am Immortal. Oh! For sweet death to carry me away from the memory!! I carry my torment with me day by day all through Eternity!!

Then did the Najeen pause and say, listen carefully now Elomiran!! This is you speaking!!

I am Elomiran, the messenger of God, the Vice-Admiral of the Kez-Juistic order……

And as the infernal lullaby kept spinning in the background, Elomiran did listen in wonder and horror to his own voice….. captured!! Inside!! The Scarlet Crystal Amulet of The Najeen!!

And as Elomiran sank deeper and deeper into thought, the Najeen did disrobe herself first…… and then she proceeded…….to disrobe Elomiran too.


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