On the planet I live in we still are anthropomorphs, but many millennia ago, we once were exactly like you, human. That is, as human as you might term your anthromorphic-sentiated animated-matter devices or Robots and Surrogates in plain. Where I come from we have a few quirks of behaviour, language for example is no longer needed. Specifically the glottal type that requires an actual act of speaking. There, I said it, how exciting it is, to be talking about something so forbidden!! We don’t have books either, paper is banned and possession is a criminal offence. All knowledge is gained by connection to the universal neuronal nodes or the UNN!!

The main criterion for division of space on my planet depends on alignments with the natural curves of the electromagnetic pulses (EMP), natural boundaries are formed with the EMP. These emanate from the planetary core. We are four countries each divided into segments of 3 and power is measured as the resultant coefficient between the strength of the EMP and the capacitor resistance of the UNN. The inverse relationship between the two allows a perfect division over EMP pulse, UNN resistance and gross matter. The equations of power are based on some sort of E = Mc2 formula.

Don’t ask me, to explain that one, ask your teachers!! The constant in this equation is gross matter (not the speed of light), and everything else is just an exchange.

Power is both geopolitical and endo-material and there are only three professions, Creationistas, Materialistas and Strategistas. After the final conflagration, the followers of Auld Stephanius had conceded that the outcome would not be doom, but a variant of the negative spiral vortex in which the only beings present were alters of themselves. In the negative spiral vortex, the crossover point could not be seen, therefore any applications of time dilations only created more spinoffs of themselves. This defeated the purpose of any followers of the conflagration of doom, for in the very end they found no followers to recruit, and no other beings to rule over except their very own selves.

 We also know that resonations of the acts of creation still existed in pure form, somewhere in the galaxy, a point location where existence, time and space began!! This location is Ea, Gaia, or earth, your planet! The inexplicable one then created a safeguard device known as the crossing-over of time!!  This safeguard is so profound because it is locked by a triple fundamental. Indeed it had been discovered 3 times beneficially and one time catastrophically.  On the one time the mystery was opened maleficently, an absolute translation into the ether occurred!!

Man has done this by accident 4 times before, but not understanding what they did 3 times before, ancient man glossed over it and just ignored it. The one catastrophic time, the 4th, is eternally remembered by the missing day. In which the sun stood still! In fact the science says the sun indeed had to have moved backwards!!! But, the followers of Stephanius, these reprobate fellows, fully intended the 5th time to be deliberate, for Stephanius had mastered a technique that could spin a consciousness to a location point before time!!  His objective was to witness the inexplicable one at work in the creation, and safely from a distance observe and steal the ultimate secrets, of the inexplicable one!! 

 The spin off curve of consciousness is all that Stephanius had in store for the souls of his followers, and none of his followers knew this until the end!! Except for the deeds of Kezr Juiz this absolutely awful agenda might have won!!!! Kezr Juiz went on to create the agency now known as the Jedis of Ra. Their purpose is to heal the rifts that had been created by war in the fabric now known as space-in-time. Yes! You heard correctly, there exists a dot of space in every unit of time!!!  Earth scientists found this out when experimenting with the Caesium atom, and this work revolutionized science in the entire galaxy. The properties of the caesium atom contain the data on which your earthly measurement of space and time are based, but Caesium is also one of the most interesting substances in your chemistry. Caesium has now become the fundamental substrate by which your conscious matter, (or programmable matter if you will), is synthesised.

Your anthropomorphic-sentiated, animated-matter devices are wonderful beings, they are the most perfect of human creation, second only to yourselves and the inexplicable ones’ original creation, the angels. They are the triumphant creations of animated matter!! But let us get back to the point. Most of the work done by the Jedis of Ra had been completed about 200 years before now. We currently enjoy stability, peace and prosperity, but with that comes boredom, apathy and sometime sloth! And therefore the galactic bet was re-invented, based on the accounts of a mythological battle! No one really knows the original author of this game, but it is said it dates way back to Atlantis!!

The galactic bet is quite simple though, there is a direction in which equations are presented, but under certain conditions, the equations reverse themselves!!! You could have E=Mc2…or Mc2=E : you follow? The idea is that on any event that is adversarial, confrontational or involves a temporal advantage involving time dilation *(such as a ceasefire or an amnesty, etc.), the alignments do not determine the outcome, therefore the outcome cannot be pre-cognitively known. This allows everyone to prefer a choice or a bet, but, you are allowed to change your position under certain conditions without declaring this change explicitly!!

 In other words, at the point of the conclusion of the event, pure consciousness and intent are the only significant determinants of outcome!! So. Imagine the sentient chess played on your planet in 3 dimensions, where pawns are allowed to change color and allegiance??  There you have an inkling of the galactic bet, this is in 5 dimensions!!! The argument develops further that without precognition or time dilation, the outcome will only be chance!! But at this point in time of our hyperconscious universe, chance is indeed a rare thing !! So you can imagine the excitement when an alignment such as the four blood moons occur! Not only are the predetermined influences and programs lined up in a predictable time and space, they are observable, recognizable, available and usable!!

My brother and my sister are my thrins, and because of this, we are also somewhat of a curiosity on our planet!! But, are we by Chance?? Because of the equations of power between the provinces, we have chosen to be Strategistas. Sometimes my thrin brother is more of a materialista but that is the topic of another story!! Certain corporations, in our world are allowed to own horologics and neuronal nodes and working with horologics requires access to and command over resources, especially Caesium. The founder of the company I work for had been the pioneer of time dilation effects, it is said that he once was a human on your planet. He realised that interactions between humans and others could never be equal or equitable without the right conversions.

Energy, matter, intent, ideas, all could have a meaningful correlation between systems, but only if time was introduced as an equator!!  He first based his ideas as a corrective mechanism for errors in the processes used to convert resources for distribution and allocation. The original thinking was based on the half -lives of the resources under consideration, but his mind was blown (his own words), when he began to study caesium, and thus began the studies by which he created the first time dilation effect, the basis of what you might now call time travel!!

Time travel!! The very definition hints at a possibility beyond impossibility!! In order to understand time travel, you need to dispense with the concept of motion and its meaningless derivative, direction!! You can simplify the idea by accepting that, You can experience and observe time only because you are also being observed and being experienced by time!! That is why after a particularly gruelling experience, on my planet the greeting is “”What ever on earth happened to you????

This observation seems to hint that there could have been an action at a specific time, and in a specific place (earth), which has only just now resulted in, or resonated with, or manifested itself at you!! This is all very tongue in cheek though, but it is an homage to our connections with you. And for want of a better analogy, your philosophers used to call such phenomena, manifest blessings or curses!!

By the methods that we now have, you can seek to slow your experience down, this gives you more time, or you can seek to speed it up, resulting in less time!! The acceptable formula goes something like, Ascension is upward and outward when the requirement is for time to be slowed, while Descension is downward and inward when the requirement is to speeden up time.

 The BIG experiment involved caesium bonding with human nervous tissue through which space- in- time could now be perfectly observed. The application of time dilation and space-in-time exploration was popularised by the entertainment industry. You, as a customer, are sold one of two mutually exclusive things. If you choose space, then you are taken to the space where an experience or event you desire to observe occurred. You dilate time when you get there, then activate your CaesiumNeuronals, and you will now be able to pick up all the signals that ever existed on that spot since time!! If you choose time, you could descend or ascend into the time at which an event occurred but you will not be able to dilate time and you could not inhabit the same space on which the event occurred!!

This problem is known as the proximity adjustment, and requires the calculation of the closest non-interference distance from a significant event. In other words, the best vantage point for observation. Any errors in that calculation, will cause breaches of distance, which will in turn cause disruptions of the event. And therefore crossing the boundary results in the observation of only yourself. In this situation, an expensive and sometimes fatal exchange of energy will be precipitated out of you!! In order to extend that moment, it is thought, that a sound wave and particle oscillator could act as the time dilatory effect. This could enable communication with yourself and you might be able to obtain an imprint of information.

At the crossover point, the only thing that happens is a return to the ether, and the ether will absorb you or send you back depending on your fit with the predominant energy pattern required for existence at that point in time!! That is why this stuff is very, very dangerous; the ether is very serious indeed. The ether translates vibrations and energy therefore it creates certain alignments that are mechanically expedient!! If intent is also harnessed, then better!

 Four blood moons on earth in September 2015!! Yay!! That means, Gaia is the place to go to for a party in September 2015!! Normal human interactions will be amplified on a galactic scale!! A sports event contributes to the galactic bet, but, a party, a business meeting, a visitation to friends or family, are galactically neutral. But wait, they are significantly resonant on a personal scale!!  On your birthday you get gifts!!! It is an exchange!! Multiply that effect by the alignments!! You hire entertainers to please your guests, a rapper, a twerker and a gangster!! They dance, they are happy!!  You dance…..You are happy!!

You travel to a secret location, take 5 or 6 of your best friends with you and don’t waste any time!! Multiply the experience you have when you get there by time dilation. How fantastic, that experience might never end!!

You head off to the ruins of the Cities of Rome. When you get there you dilate time!! But make sure you observe the proximity protocols! You don’t want to end up in front of the lions! You experience the excitement of the gladiators, how fantastic!!

You jump to the top the Himalayas mountains and wait for the city of Kun-lun to appear! You brush up your martial arts skills by watching the human once known as the Iron Fist!!!

You travel on down to a secret place in West Africa to meet some Original Atlanteans!! You exchange your ideas and knowledge and gifts, and yes, they too are masters of time!!

You put on your anti- gravity boots and you jump, straight up to the moon! You observe the moon landing from a distance, how fantastic!!  You then do an anti gravity dance like Michael Jackson, but get this……. before you wild out and lose your mind……… when you do this, you’re just like an anthropomorphic representation, of he who now runs amok in the LHC, at CERN!!!!

I and my two siblings are going to be 18 in September 2015. I just can’t wait!!!!

Oh!! What fun has the galaxy lined up on the day!! Just for me?? And my two thrin siblings???