For my Lover, For ever, For Rose

All I want to do is to make sweet love to you all I want to do is to make sweet love to you.

You have mesmerized me, and you captured my heart from me.

As I lay down beside you and wrap your aura around me, I wish I could stay inside of you to be really one with you, and for times when we are apart, I remember that there is a wondrous tattoo on one of  your body parts.

Am I in an illusion, am I under a spell?

I do not know and nor do I care, for indeed I know that life, though physical is not real, it is a manifestation of your mind and mine, and it is our connection that creates life and makes things real!!

And if I had a choice, all I would do, is to make sweet love to you! Every day and all the way through!  I would make love to your body, I will make love to your mind, I would love you and caress you for I have fallen for you!

And if this is how it feels to fall from a dizzy height, count me in!  I am ready, and need no respite!!

And as I sit beside you and observe your wondrous skin, so soft and smooth, it is alive, it is silk! And as I open up my mind to listen to yours, I am mesmerized by you and smitten through, and through!

You truly are wondrous and beautiful, I can see your soul, it shines bright and true, yet the world has been tiresome, that much is true. 

And what the world did to you and me, is to make you forget you are an Angel and that is how we forgot our light.

Indeed you are an Angel, but you forgot your own light, and If I was an Angel I would give my light to you!

And spend my eternity gazing at you!!

This simple it is, the main hope that I have, my feelings shine true,

And all I want to do is to make sweet and heavenly love, to you.