The Riddle of The Demise of Auld Stephanius

And I will have to make some assumptions here, the first of which is that we all know; what or who the Phoenix is and why he does not see death. How is it that he lives on magnificently and without blight, unharmed and uninhibited, unbowed by the tyranny of time, even as time exhibits the passage of eons?? You might not have been told either, that we Phoenix do not need to exist as avians. For the past 1000 millennia we have been happy to stay humanoid. But in ages of catastrophic disaster and or significant time shift, we will by conditioned choice, be forced to adopt an avian existence. In such times, gravity acts in strange and weird ways, posing an interference with time. Indeed the Phoenix will then manifest to origin, as the most magnificent avian of avians.

I will also assume that we understand, that, by self-immolation, indeed by conflagration, Phoenix destroys the structures and trappings of the current era, the current era now needs to be passed. The Phoenix arises from his own ashes, re-born and ready to serve once again, to guide once again and, to lead the world once again. Phoenix is Immortal but he has a choice, he can choose for an immortality spell to end. Why? You ask, would Phoenix choose for immortality to end? Well it gets boring at times, living for eons, but sometimes it is due to Synchron.

Synchron’s function is to create adjustments, tiny adjustments to the fabric of time. Synchron controls the timing mechanism, the machine by which time itself is spun. Synchron’s adjustments need doing every so often, to align universes, or to create a temporary temporal asynchronicity, when and if fundamental adjustments are needed in any particular reality. In such cases, it is imperative that containment is immediate!! the universes cannot afford a spillover of the effects of time, which has shifted!! Synchron has a legion of adjusters, he will allow them to move in and out of time, while everyone else is in lock down, and that includes even we, the Phoenix. If we find that our universe has now become a subject, for Synchron’s temporal adjustments, there will only be two options open to us.

One option is, to hand over the keys of power to the newly selected Phoenix. In exchange for these keys, the new Phoenix will present a perfectly formed and unblemished feather from his own plume. This feather will be lit, by the ancient and Old Phoenix, and it will serve as a beacon, for that absolutely final journey, into dread.  Now know you that the final journey of the Phoenix takes him down, to meet fate, straight down to the bottom of the primordial black hole!! Thus the transference of immortal power completes and as the ancient saying goes, the old Phoenix must give way to the new!!

The Old Phoenix can also choose a path of self-referral to Juvenal, who will offer recoding, rebranding, and rediscovery, and an infinite number of other techniques to restore old Phoenix to magnificence. Indeed Juvenal has the power to create a rejuvenated version of the now ancient Phoenix. Juvenal essentially does not like to rejuvenate, because it is infinitely expensive!! It has been said that just one drop of condensed life elixir carries in it an astronomically high value. It is said to have an exchange value of 7,000 earth calendar years, per one year unit of absolute time!! But if you provide Juvenal with the evidence that time has shift, Juvenal will have no option, but, to provide you with life force elixir condensate for free!!

And so it is that we come face to face with another puzzle piece in the jigsaw, ”Phoenix Potentates”!! The identification and selection process for Phoenix potentates is long, arduous and barbaric at times. It is a process by which life-threatening exercises become life-altering events forever. Selectors do not have any bones about this, for most of them actually are former Phoenix Potentates themselves. You cannot find anything more dazzling or focused in intent, in control and in command, than those who would be Phoenix themselves but failed. As 3-year-old earthlings begin to display the wisdom of the ancients, and such a one, was I, the pool of phoenix potentates begins to get filled.

I was selected to the Phoenix Potentate programme when I was but 3 years of age. I was told then that my soul was 25,000 earth years old!!  My access to any point within my past cycles was unlimited!! Initially I did not understand what selection meant, in fact, it was absolutely impossible, for me to comprehend: even as blessed with talent as I was!! To be clear I was born of my mothers womb fully cognisant and fully self aware, but nothing could have prepared me for the horror of my birth, my very own birth cable indeed tried to strangle me. So I turned myself around and straightened myself up to be born!! I thank the ether for my pre-natal full-cognisance, but, however the event haunts me even to this day!! Thus it was that I now came to find, that I was one of a cadre of human children, and I, and I think deservedly so, was their leader. And on every earth night, at 3.00 am earth time I got to visit my cadre friends in alternate reality. We spent the next 3 hours in alternate reality learning higher mathematics and advanced calisthenics. We came back to earth and but 2 minutes had passed.

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