(The Black Mirror of Eliadon Or, How The Queen of Atlantis Became Trapped: in The Crystals of Time-In-Between-Time):

 The deepest darkest dread did fall upon Eliadon the juvenile, on the day when a magnificent happenstance occurred. It was indeed an unimaginable oddity. And resplendent in rarity, was the event that did occur. For Eliadon, indeed, he did wake up, and then began he to look around. And Eliadon did find himself bound in chains, in straits and contained, buried deep within the Black Crystal, the powerful Black Ice of the Negations of Time.

It was sudden, indeed, and it was deep, and as deep as it was profound, how Eliadon came to be without the knowledge or the perception of where in all existence, he now was. Indeed with no cognition of where he was, dislocated, somewhere deep in the space within time, he did awake to find himself buried deep in the crystals of Black Ice. Eliadon was entombed in an invisible fortress, in which nothing did exist, except the time that does exist-in-between-time.

Eliadon beheld himself once again, and wondered deeply, on how it was that he had now come to be trapped, so deeply in this space. So deeply was this place embedded within the recesses of the Black Ice, and he was bounded all around, by invisible chains. And indeed by the black basal element that created the negatives of time, and Eliadon sought to understand his predicament. A predicament that was as truly deep, as it was deeply dark. And so did he search his memories, and his thoughts and his astral projections, and all the host of his etheric others. Yet indeed the only word Eliadon could remember, was, amnesium.

 Eliadon did realise that he was completely and utterly alone, yet he did believe that he had beheld reflections, of versions of himself. Buried with him deep down in the Black Crystals, in the veritable Black Ice of Time Negations. By sheer will of perception and cognition, did Eliadon begin to pick up the etheric vibrations. And by sheer effort of thought, he picked up codes and signals, and resonances and vibrations, as such. These had been embedded within the fabric of this ether in which, he now found himself trapped and bounded all around.

In the ether that did permeate that exact space, the signals present did happen to be 9, and Eliadon believed in, and placed his trust, in his own perceptions. And indeed his own interpretations, and in that which he did perceive. He did then begin to recognise and interpret these signals as 9 different and other emanations of his own self. For Eliadon did truly perceive that there were nine other material -incorporeal in the same space and time. And as it was, he did now begin to observe himself and recognise himself. He placed a conjecture upon these 9 other elements in presence, but the elements did not respond. So Eliadon therefore began he to proceed, in the erroneous belief that the 9 were aspects and archetypes of his own self.

Eliadon regarded himself as a self yet unmastered and untamed, and to these 9 emanations did he ascribe himself and of himself. Indeed he began to search for the essences and the names and the fundaments with which, he could bring up these 9 other emanations of himself. Out of the glaciers? Yes! Out of the glaciers! And into his own total and absolute dominion and control.

Yes, indeed concerning the very elementary questions of how Eliadon came to be, when he came to be and where, he came to be. And indeed where he had been, and where he ought to be, and thus was the beginning of the creative acts of Eliadon. These creative acts did he perform, as therapies against his loneliness and the sheer terror of absolute, and eternal knowledge. Eliadon did suffer greatly under the terror of absolute awakening. He knew the absolute knowledge, and he felt the absolute power. Yet indeed he understood the infinite understanding that fell upon him on awakening, BUT. And utterly hopelessly, he was there all alone.

And without a guide, without a mentor, without a friend and without an enemy, thus did Eliadon struggle with his own awakeness. And Eliadon now he railed, against the heavens and the seas, and the mountains and the vallyes, and the soils and salts. And everything that he did find in the existence which surrounded him all about. Then one day in sheer desperation, did Eliadon cry out against the universe, and Eliadon did he decide to place a curse on God and die. And just about as he was, to rally his curse and indeed, Eliadon was about to pronounce a damnation to the ultimate creator. And so that it now was, on that truly despicable day, did Eliadon fall deeply into the abyss. Then Eliadon did truly emerge, on the other side of the abyss, and stepped he into the land known, as the Eratta-Land of nefarious choice, and infernal eternal consequence.


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