It was a sultry evening in mid July, the evening had just begun, it was going on a quarter to seven.

I was dressed to kill in a grey wing collared shirt with eight narrow pleats vertical on either side of the buttons, I wore black leather jodphurs and my shoes were grey Italian leather from Ballys. I felt like a million bucks.

She stood there magnificent in splendor, in a white cotton lace and chiffon blouse and blue jeans…she was stunning.

What was that scent?….her perfume wafted towards me from where she stood beneath the willow tree…it was love at first bite…sheer bliss.

Hiya Jada, I said…… and I kissed her…and at the moment our lips touched, the whole universe vibrated in an instant and then shimmered ever so softly into the background….time had stopped….I was caught up in the ecstasy of the moment…….. as so was she.

Don’t touch me there….she whispered….I’m not ready….

As we lay reclined in the front seats lowered into the back of my car…the screen above showing Herbie goes Bananas.

There is something I have to tell you…she said

I…I have not always been this way….and promise me you’ll still love me when I tell you.

Yes of course, I will! I said…..but whatever could it be?

Well…I had all my milk teeth until I was 18 and now I’m 23.

Damn, Girl!…I said…Is that it?

Is that all that it is??