I wish I had wisdom, I wish I had Gold, But all I have is stories I’ve been told

Solomon the wisest man had a tryst with a black isis…
Bilikiss!……Was her name!
And everywhere I go I see obelisks!
They remind me of iciciles hanging upside down in caves!!
Or maybe they are ice-bats or other natural phenomena of ice.
Or maybe they mean something to the disciples of Isis!!
Solomon, He also was the richest man there ever was…
Every year he earned 666 talents of gold
What is this gold, a substance so cold
But worshipped and revered since the days of old?
And who was this mysterious Queen of Sheba
Was her skin blue black, like Shiva’s??
I think of her great romance with Solomon the wise
In the same thought as bar codes and keys to the city!!
Are we so lost, are we ever going to be found?
We are mesmerised and spun with circles all around!!
As we listen to our high priests and princes and kings
The rulers, we have “chosen” to sit over and above us!
What good is it made for man in one decade of labor
to earn just a fraction of the wealth of a prince?
And the Queen of Sheba, visited Solomon with riches
And indeed she bore him a son? A Prince!!
A time will soon come brothers (and sisters)
When we will no longer walk in fear
Nor need ever again speak softly and in code.
And if you are a pessimistic mystic or just plain optimistic?
It should not take you too long to figure it out!
These are the end- times spoken of in the days of old friends!!
It will soon be time to go home!