As I raise up my head outside my pram, I recognise the letters above as“Oltissos”, and I begin to wonder whether, somehow I’d “forgotten” the right spelling. Is it an I, or is it an o, and why is it there? And this just adds to my confusion as to why I am fully aware, yes, but yet unable to speak.

The building was at the edge of the corner of one of the high streets. “Oltissis”, the neon sign whispered, it was deep blue, placing an eerie and ethereal feeling of loss on us but, what had we lost? The telepath in me whispered……”Lost words…and …..Lost worlds”. Oltissis. My twin sisters are full-time full- on academics, professors both, masters of the realms they possessed the knowledge of. Oltissis? I searched my memory bank and queried my neurons along the way,.…but…Oltissis?

Tonight, I am, out on the town with my friends. They are all cooler than me and I am their sort of novelty factor, tonight I will challenge their mascot. I did not mind, for it got me a free hand and ride into town. The building contains a lot of water, and I mean a lot of water. Every one gets to go onto Oltissis, the place where all humanity was born. The outpost to our hidden dimension, was held in the sweening rooms of the building whose single stolen sign did proclaim Oltissis. Oltissos, or is it Oltissis…what was it? Indeed where was it??

On planet system 56a67, the prime leader has just translated, there will be a parade in the streets as his body is taken down to be reconstructed starting off, from downtown. From the building whose sign only just whispers, and hints…….. “Oltissis.” At the appropriate age everyone gets to go to Oltissis and in your lifetime of 700 years, you will go 25 times. In the primal vats of life did all we humans spring, from vats of water contained in the building, the dimension that sometimes was called, Oltissis. And surely you must remember….Oltissis, where all the secrets of life are held, Oltissis, where all the secrets of non-life are held, Oltissis, where every thing resides and indeed will reside within again…Oltissis, where eternity began, and where also……eternity, will come to an end. Oltissis wasn’t a mere pleasure palace. Yes it catered to such whims of the high, mighty and proud. But pleasure was way down on the list, of the beings who brought us all into being, and perfected us, with the technology they had available to them in Oltissis.

And here is a hint, and more mystery. There was technology and there were beings who had the ability to work it. But guess what? Working the machinery doesn’t mean you know how, or when, that technology was created. That there is deep if you dare even to think about it. But I must encourage you so. You do not necessarily need to read a book for you to gain access to what you know deep within you, about Oltissis. You need the necessary triggers and the necessary code.

Friends. Oltissis at this time, is a deep secret embedded way down in the memories within all of us, and it might still not be accessible even via the greatest effort. These all are few lines of fiction that I wrote, it’s fiction, but a truth exists and if a truth exists, I would be very bold to say. But, if you are already on your own personal journey of remembering, and awakening……and…….if Oltissis is truly one of the things you seek?… you will find it.