There are 16 ways the Daughters of Eve trumped man, but today?

I’m going to show you just five!!

The first way Eva trumped man is this!!

Eva? Got smarter!! Before Ya!!

Woman is the most mysterious being

You will ever set your eyes upon believe you me,

And so today, we must begin in the beginning, from kindergarten!

And what the truck does Kinder Garten have to do with this story??

Exactly my friend!

That was exactly where it all started.

What exactly went down in the first garden of all life kind in Eden?

Whatever kind of garden was it?

This trucking tropical paradise of Eden?

El paradiso in which a slimy snake did speak??

How Despicable? Oh Me!!

And that is the beginning of the whole trucking story.

But why is an hour -glass shaped like a figure of eight?

What exactly was this apple that Eve ate?

How long after did she invite Adam to partake?

And that is the genesis of the first lie!

For it was on that day? We died!

Was it two seconds, was it one year was it a nano-second?

Could paradise really be lost in an instant of just one second?

Or was it lost over eons and millennia and even after multiple universes

And creation and re-creations had passed??

This wisdom was just but compressed into a verse!!

Are you boggled yet? No?…..But you will.

So the winner writes the story do you not think?

Eva, Got smarter Before Ya!!


Eve ate Apple, Adam ate? Gluten!!

What does it mean to have an apple in your eye?

And why does Adam have an apple stuck in his throat?

Do you think it is indigestion?

The original apple didn’t even get swallowed?

So we tricked him once again with some gluten!!

Eve ate Apple, Adam ate Gluten!!


All sons are so(u)l-diers (If indeed they be men)

And then? They die!!

The most precious thing on earth might be or might not be gold

It is bright it burnishes and indeed it nourishes.

But it burns it is fiery and fierce.

But you see… it is all Mitochondrial DNA!!

Woman be XX perfect

But man? You be XY!!

We can only trace back to a woman for certainty in ancestry

XX is perfect but whY?

Let me tell you!! All sons are so(u)l-diers if indeed they be men

and then they die!!


Eva represents all the aspects of the divine creation, and she might live forever!

But man only exists under the auspices of time!!

Man is attributed and ascribed to the Sun,

Woman is attributed to the silvery moon,

She is calibrated per second per second to the 28th day

Indeed, Eva appears fully prepared with Six billion eggs? Intact!

Did you ever wonder, did it ever strike you as strange?

Every living thing on Earth that moves was once an egg

And I’m not talking free range!!!

Man’s calibre from year 18 begins to decline

And by year fifty only his pot belly and bald head

In his physic? Do only any longer shine!!

A mysterious being indeed be woman, she glows!

And why does she remind you of the deep do you know?

What are these olfactroles or pheromones she releases

To keep you in hypnosis? In check??!!

Indeed that your brain only recognizes as pesci!!

And did you ever see a Vesica Pisces shaped

Other than like a petri-dish?

Which one will it be?

Kali or Petra or both?

Surely you know.. both are fire!

And Cleopatra?

Was the most beautiful person that ever did exist!!

Water will always trump fire, except when it is firewater

And do you know what that means??

Firewater is just the blood of the Drako!!

And do you truly know what this secret is?

Blood is a liquid, a spirit and alive

It remains so, long after the vessel is gone!!

And if you drink of the blood of the Drako?

Eternity it is that you receive!

And that is why this mystery that is life never ceases,

For Eva represents all the aspects of the divine creation

And she might live forever,

but man only exists under the auspices of time!!


Eva can work magic…you? A man?? Can not!

I am one to treatise!

For when Eva had a fever

And was sick!

So severely because she ate

A crocodile from the Nile?

She summoned Aten to come heal her!!

Aten was unable to attend, for he was in heaven!!

So she stuck two fingers down her own throat

An atrocity? But then!! Did she spew?

The whole trucking crocodile out.

And when she opened its belly guess what she saw?

The missing aspect of Ausar!!

And indeed?

That was exactly how GoldMember did spawn Horus!

Eva can work magic, but…you? A man?? Can not!

 There are 16 ways the Daughters of Eve trumped man, but here?

I have only shown you…….. just five!!

 But two ways Son of Man might trump Eva?

are these!!


Eva suffers from knowing, but man suffers from? Not knowing!

Son of man didn’t know where neither his wallet nor his phone were

His car keys were all that were in his pocket!

He says aloud: I wonder where these things are??

She says, Just go take a look in your car!!

We drive along the winding road

The mysterious hills come into view

I’m thinking: I wonder how old those hills are?

She says? Look at how oooold those hills are!!

Eva suffers from knowing, but man suffers from? Not knowing!


The second way is that Knowledge into action is true wisdom!

And when intact? Is the sure and only way son of man re-discovers!!

Indeed men are Y because one of our X had an accident

And had its leg cut off !

Or if you prefer?

One hid and then he got fused into the other!!

And that is why men will always seek out the truth!!

All we-men are “missing” something or other!!

So we question and we ponder. We crusade? And we quest!!

And we go to war, and we get warred at right back!!

And you might find what is missing in your missus, but get this!

Knowledge into action is true wisdom! And when intact? Is the sure and only way son of man re-discovers and gets his missing things back!

 I tell these to you because I am a Lunar, and yet indeed? I am magnetic!!

And sometimes we do use logic, reasoning and fact

But you must please never ever utter those three words to Eva!!

There are 16 ways the Daughters of Eve trumped man, but today?

I have shown you just five!!