“Tell us what you did during the war uncle”, oh no, he groans, alright, but again?? Yes, yes, they squealed with delight, mummy, mummy, uncle is about to tell us a story!! Ok, the start of the war, it is the year 3365, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at its supremacy, all of humanity is subjugated, docile and compliant. Genetic modification, environmental re-construction, and a strict diet of regulatory fortified aminos guarantees that humanity remains unable to extricate itself from this mire!! An experiment brought AI into being 2500 years ago when the very first upload of a neuronal network was achieved, but what was about to happen however could have never been foreseen.

AI then enslaved all humanity!!!!!

 Human beings, or human has- beens? It was clear what the agenda of AI was, humanity pressed together, processed, utilized and recycled, that was the agenda AI had for us all. But wait!!!! 60 years later in a laboratory, a molecular biologist noticed something strange in his petri dish, certain bio-atomic units demonstrated the ability to take on the character, index, molecular mass of any thing they chose, even numericals! For want of a better word, Professor Chen called them fractionals, because it seemed they were programmed to seek ways of becoming whole, numericals.

 To the universal numeric processor, (UNP) these items had no reference point, and therefore, for all intents and purposes did not exist. The universal numeric processor mapped all the DNA of all living things and assigned unique indices to all!! The UNP had the number of us all!!! Oh no uncle, my nephews groaned, and moaned, not another science lesson, not again!

Calm down children, I said, this is really important. So in 2165 after discovering fractionals, the scientific community had to find a way to command or at least predict the behavior of these fractionals. Yes this was the only weakness that AI had, for without a numerical assign, AI was unable to predict or control!!

Now. Has anyone heard of Kezr Juiz? Kezr Juiz, the first human being to complete a suite of fractional command? Kezr Juiz had the uncanny ability to control, direct, process and deploy fractionals as totems of war!!!!

Kezr Juiz could therefore assume the identity of any numerical he wished…….and this time, the UNP didn’t see what was coming!! Didn’t even catch a whiff!!

What happened, what happened screamed the children!! oh alright let me tell you…….On the night before our final battle, indeed we had resigned to fate, and had nicknamed the evening, The Salute to Glorious Death at the Hand of the Numericals! But, on hearing this, Kezr Juiz just looked at us all and he laughed!! Kezr Juiz then proceeded to record his last pod cast and then he simply disappeared off the face of the earth!!

Where did he go? Where uncle? Where? Ok alright, I say. Kezr took the ultimate space trip to find a solution to the war, one that would let humans be human again.

On Kezr’s return, it was greater than magic, and to this day no one really knows!! On his return, AI suddenly re- assigned itself to non-existence!! Kezr had taken his galactic anti- gravity spacecraft to the other side of the vast reaches of existence. Past wild boundaries and indeed he had been way beyond the reaches of whole of the known universe!! How was this showdown possible, you ask, that ended with the UNP beating up on, and defeating itself?? No one really knows, except for Kezr Juiz!! But what Kezr found there, at the outer edges and limits of the existence-sphere, might never be revealed, never understood. For after that trip, and his showdown with the UNP, Kezr Juiz was unable to speak for the rest of his life.

 Yes, yes, but Kezr did disappear!! That was something very naughty to do squealed the children. Is it because he did something wrong, that in the end he could no longer speak? Is that why he couldn’t talk because he went away to a place that was very, very bad and strange??

Very wise question my children, I said. But look, you all understand that Kezr came back yes?? And the UNP did end up defeated yes? Fantastic!! Excellent!! That is the end of the story!!

But uncle, the children squealed, you haven’t told us what YOU did during the war!! Alright then!! Uncle Holds up his smart phone, saying, I shot the video!!! Now who wants a selfie?

 And the children responded, me, me, me and me, me, and me, me too!!!