Eve ate of the forbidden fruit.

Well, no problem… Stuff Happens.

SO. What did Adam do?
I guess his calculation was………

How could I possibly leave this wondrous being, my own wife, when neither of us understands the magnitude of what has happened here today?

Will he say I will not eat, and I will continue to be God’s bosom buddy at the expense of my own wife?
So am I saying……that man can actually bet against God???….
Well Yes! He did!!
The very first time man was put on trial by God,
He stood by Eve!!

Let me say it again in doing so,  man did place an ancient bet ……Why?

Let me tell you why. One obvious thing.

Life might continue for ever, through  children, and grand children, and great grand children!!!!……

I mean, we have children,  therefore we will never really die, because anyone looking at those children, are looking at us.
So, in 200 years how many people might have come out of you? Out ….of us?

Have you ever heard……… of Lucy? The most ancient Lucy?
That all 6 billion of us here on Earth today, came ….from Lucy?
You have to forgive anyone who cannot see how profound that is, because,
I am saying, maybe we achieve immortality through our children.
Shall I say it again? Well, here goes.
Maybe the point of immortality is not for us to carry on being here forever and ever.

The point might be,
For us? To bring forth the others.
To prepare the way,…….for others.
To create a chance…for…all the others.

And so, six billion offspring might get a little taste of this earth, through us.

Look, that there is a really really big deal, yes?

This is very, very hard, this is Philosophy 501.
Some people might understand it, but I bet, most people won’t.
Indeed, I myself who wrote this can’t even fathom what it means.

So anybody that has a brain now begins to wonder why everyone on earth just seems to be fighting, I mean………..just constantly, incessantly….at war.

I mean all of this stuff……is just stuff.

We forgot.

That…. we were sent here to prepare the way…..

For 6 and a half  billion more……….……….Earth human children.