Do not take to the rooftops or beer taverns or secret places, do not even whisper to your beloved friends or acquaintances, but If you feel that this is what you ought to do, you are free to do so, for these ridiculous thoughts are now yours……. and if you agree with anything I say, in repeating such an idea or speculation, you must never reveal the fact that you might have stumbled upon such a daft idea, by reading into me.

 My Recipe For Slow Extinction

I. Resource capture, extraction, utilisation or conversion without replacement.

II. An existence in which, the calorific expenditure required for survival, is in the orders of hundreds of thousands (say 200, 000 two hundred thousand  kcals) to provide the ingestee (that’s you and I folks) with a base minimum of energy. 

III. Which ingested energy now enables said ingestee, to produce an output at a value, say at one tenth, (2,000) two thousand kcals, of its original calorific ingestion which was in the hundreds of thousands.

IV. And such that such produce or product, might or might not even be beneficial to said ingestees plight as chattel or debt slave, or bonded servant relative to their master, whose identity, most might, or might not, even know.


chattel, or cattle (unemployed, infirm, war injured)

debt slave (employed J ust O ver B reakeven)

bonded servant (occulted individuals from EA to Illuminati Grandees at 33 degrees or  counciled 300 or whatsuch)

Indeed, the dinosaurs once ruled over here too……..!!