One of the conditions of the Leibster award is to create a blog with 11 facts about you…so here goes..the following are mine…..

  1. My favorite cologne is Cologne by Thierry Mugler
  2. My favourite sport is squash
  3. My favourite book is Dune by Frank Herbert
  4. I am more spiritual than religious
  5. I believe in life after death but not in reincarnation
  6. I prefer Tea to Coffee, and rather CocaCola to Pepsi
  7. When I was five I wanted to grow up to be a pilot, now I’m close to 45 and I have a pilot pen
  8. I believe that angels exist but aliens probably not
  9. I am more athletic than sedentary
  10. I prefer the rain and cold weather
  11. I think humor disables distrust and politeness opens doors.

Another is to answer 11 questions from your nominee …… here goes

1. What is your greatest fear?

The only thing to fear is fear itself…it Is a silent killer but JC said fear not for I have overcome the world….I have found that trusting in him makes fear go away!!

2. If you can pick one place to travel where would you go?

I would go again to Barbados, just to hear the crickets chirping in the evening……

3. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?

Not sure I am in a position to answer this one because, sometimes we are wrong in our own judgement so I think the best is yet to come on this one!

4. If you could get anything with one wish, what would you wish for?


5. Would you rather be rich with money or rich with wisdom from God?

erm…..can I have both?

6. What does integrity mean to you?

Looking like barrel, sounding like a barrel and being like a barrel all rolled into one…there must be no difference in what you think, what you preach and what you do!

7. What is your dream?

I wish for Utopia to come……

8. Do you believe in true love and why yes or no?

True love exists and we have many chances to discover it and nurture it……it can be fragile sometimes, other times it is bold…once you have felt it you will never settle for less…..I found one a long time ago and to this day I wonder why I let it go.

9. What is the purpose of your blog?


10. If you could be anything what would you like to be?

The best possible version of me.

11. How honest are from 1 till 10 and explain why?

I have answered from my heart…it is the head that can be dishonest……but the heart really never lies.

And I’m thrilled to have been nominated for the Leibster award…..thank you savedandblessed… are an A* star!!