The unknown one said.

An ancient ceremony, a mystical rite? A rite of passage or just an overnight visit to the mountains, into the caves?

A funeral!!

Hints of matter and matters that are dark speak

And indeed rumble at the young one.

The Philosopher speaks.

Beware to outshine your masters who be out in the open.

But them that call you are true and they know you

And they hint to you a path


Of the silvery moon.

You are vastly gifted, you cannot be taught

Not even by masters,

For already?

You know!

It all?

And this!

Is a strange awakening for you!

Might be scary

But that is just the veil lifting,

The paradigm shifting!!


Now you might be guided by friends

And children? Your dog!!

And such pure and good and

Temperant and meek?

And true!!

But sometimes “strangers”and weird folk

Have their own part in you?

To play too!

And the trick is this.

You must let them.

They have a right

To be too


Yet know this my son!

You are wired to the origin

Wired to the core

And yes its way much deeper than anyone can think

Even you!!

For you even go way beyond the origins of you!!

You must be a WiseSerpent

But you must a HarmlessDove be too



(is) duality

(is) you.


And some that “see” you work

Might get all excited about eccentricities and quirks

But not me!!

Your work is quick skim

Over put away to consume

With care

And at leisure not

Devour in an instant

In the open for pleasure?

Which is fleeting!

And might just be lust!

And that is exactly how

Knowledge is misspent?

And old wisdom and power got lost.

My son? You Must write!!! And this curse?

Is doubly mine!

But if you touch my hem?

I will show you


How to fly!!