My recent studies have brought me to the following philosophy which  I would like to share sincerely…..

A mystical saying states that 􏰁Man􏰀s existence is the reflection of what he thinks􏰂. This saying is well founded as we can use the creative power of thought to act upon events and make them better suited to our needs. In this respect, imagination constitutes a far more powerful faculty than is usually believed. Imagination is like the sun. The sun has a light which is not tangible; but which, nevertheless, may set a house on fire; but the imagination is like a sun in man acting in that place to which its light is directed.

Man is that which he thinks. If he thinks fire, he is fire; if he thinks war, then he will cause war; it all depends merely on that the whole of his imagination becomes an entire sun; i.e. that he wholly imagines that which he wills.

Man is a twofold being, having a divine and an animal nature. If he feels and thinks and acts as divine beings should act, he is a true man; if he feels and acts like an animal, he is then an animal . An exalted imagination caused by a desire for the good raises him up; a low imagination caused by a desire for that which is low and vulgar, drags him down and degrades him.

The spirit is the master, imagination the tool and the body the plastic material.

􏰃 Theophrastus Paracelsus1493-1541

“Let your imagination have full sway. Build it up until it is filled daily and hourly with the pictures that the lessons of the past and the trials of today suggest to your consciousness. Then analyze these imaginary things, select the best, and take them into the laboratory of your creative powers. Let the divine consciousness flowing through you reconstruct them, radiate them, and bring them to pass in your life and in the lives of those around you, thus adding to the world the assets of the future and the beautiful things of human evolution.”

H. Spencer Lewis.