Happy 400th Birthday to William Shakespeare!

But it might just be your doggone perception.

You might say to a disabled dog,
Damn that’s an ugly canine critter…
He has a tail, but he’s just got 3 legs!
Is man’s best friend not meant to be a 4 legged beast?

Or you might say
Damn what a fine specimen

of an intrepid explorer
who lost a ligament on an expedition in which

some of his compadres might not have made it back alive.

What say ye folks?
Is it what you see?
Or is it what it seems?
Or is it what it is?

Or is it just whatever you think it is?

Happy 400th Birthday to William Shakespeare
Tupac Amaru Shakur is now a Hologram!
But had he lived might he have been Will Shakespeare incarnation two?

And today we celebrate the paralympians in Rio…you GO!!