“On The Nature of Time”: And so indeed if you are like me, observing your own life in seconds, and seconds. And seconds after seconds, and more seconds even after more seconds. And when we divide time it becomes nanoseconds, and milliseconds and microseconds….Indeed one day you must wake up and ask your self this simple question…where on earth  are all the firsts?? Is there an entity out there that has separated us from our awareness of all the firsts because it requires us all to remain in an endless loop of seconds?

“On Sods Law”: And what I have found is that human beings will create all sorts of conditions for themselves. Some of which require acts of heroism in order to reverse or correct the effects of those initial conditions. These acts of heroism will be designed with the sole intention of thereby gaining redemption ad remaining relevant. Take the example of your black pen. You saw it last week and kept it somewhere safe because you realise it is important and you might need it soon, only to promptly forget the exact location of where that safe place is! And on the day you need it,  you won’t find it. But I guarantee you will find 200 blue ones though, but no Black. And then you have to hurry down to the shops in a puff of heroism to buy a new one…..

“On TransHumanism”: I for one am looking forward to the day, when we will be able to upload ourselves up into our computers. Then we will transmit ourselves to a meeting through Skype, and download ourselves on the other side through our 3D printers!! Bioengineering in a future century? Bring it on!!