Annunaki or Nephilim? Bring ’em on!

Who’s awake……or who’s mistaken..or just making it up?

If the Annunaki came here from Nibiru on warp drive enabled star ships, how come they had to engineer Adam instead of just creating a robot to go dig? I mean this is what humans are doing today in 2016, so Gods? Annunaki! Couldn’t!

Either Annunaki or Nephilim, these be mutually exclusive and cannot be at the same time.
Warning: This is a pedestrian conversation for simple folk ok? PhDs and Quantum physicists and such like, please refrain from comments ok? Schrodinger’s cat is welcome…..Schrodinger himself is not.

If we agree on Annunaki, then these are physical beings from another planet..frigging Nibiru therefore they are no more gods than the marines who napalmed vietnam are devils …just get the picture’s way past my bedtime and I’m tired.

And therefore Jesus is Annunaki too.

BUT! If Annunaki are Nephilim then they are demons and they are evil ok?

When I do anything bad ( and only if I m caught that is) I am on the Annunaki side…
When someone does bad to me they are Nephlim! Evil, demon possessed chimera!
BUT We are on Earth! We run things here. We are the ETs if you don’t know! The only creatures we do not have in our science catalogue or the Zoo are

Big foot yeti!
Scottish Loch Nessie!!

Our scientists have have catalogued eeeeeeeverything on earth…I mean! just google it and see !……..If there are Annunaki aliens I’m 99% sure we know by now….OR WOULD WE??

oh. Nessie and Yeti?

And on the other day, we found Nessie in the moat of a castle in Scotland, but we couldn’t understand what language  the Scottish people were speaking ..and they drank.

And then the Chaps caught Yeti but had to let him go home because he stank.

Oh, why didn’t Mrs Sasquatch order Mr Sasquatch to take a bath before they shagged?
Well Sasquatch is scared of water and then Nessie likes to come close when he is there! ..NESSIE loves his smell!!

Human or Nephilim or Annunaki or Big Foot Yeti or Scottish Loch Nessie…… Who is Boss??

Ok the only thing I’m scared of is Annunaki! For  if he is hungry NOT to eat me when he meets me.

The only way I’m scared of Nephilim is if Jesus Christ? is Annunaki!

So I invited them both Nephilim and Annunaki to Church on Sunday, it was REAL sad to see……… Nephilim ran away when we prayed!!…

BUT! Annunaki ate some meat and then drank the blood of some dead Mexican,  he told me the dead chap?……  used to be called  HayZoo!!….

Come along now, he said……. let us pretend…… that this flesh is  bread and this blood is wine!!

Permit me to elevate you he said after our meal……..

Thirteen is a lucky number just because!

13 zodiacs?  13 were Jesus and his twelve!
And you have….. 13x weeks of 4( equals )52 weeks of 7 days in a year!
Open up your mind….Didn’t you know? I can even tell you who the Aunty-Christ is!!

I know!..I do mean Tiny Bailor’s wife! not David Comerand’s!…….everyyybooody knows that Chetries Brial is the antichrist…..!! Didn’t you? She is an Aunt is not she? She is Aunty Chetries! Just Do the Anagram,  there is no T in Cheries!!

And then finally he said C’mon old chap It’s only frigging kindergarten here!!!
You better wake up soon son, otherwise you’ll  perish by  just going along!!