Some Ideas should never be preached! Some conclusions? Never reached!! Some conditions? Should never ever be breached!

But alas what we find,

among our kith and our own kind, and indeed whole cultures we have failed by leaving them behind?

There is stuff and knowledge, and power and glory and memories that indeed, have now become filched!!

Where is all the Gold?

And that Ancient and Magnificent Scroll? Of Enoch!! Which Semjaze and HER 199 soldiers did sign?

As we contemplate space, and wonder about the manipulation of time? And in this existence, the next man, right beside us might have been denied! A simple fundamental desire, a desire just only, to be treated right! And when he is? How wonderful! For then energy becomes exponential!!

We have absolutely lost our way, as we travel along today, the twists and turns unimaginable and too gruesome and heavy to bear.

For indeed we all need two heads, plus?

An elongated skull!! To deal with or even begin to contemplate all this mess!!

If you are true, a seeker, a friend? I encourage you today brother, my sister, stay true, stay focused my friend, and remember!!

There was a time when we all were there! In the presence before all this enmity and strife!! And if that be our guiding principle, to return to the then before time, how petty our judgment of our fellow beings begins to seem!!

We are all one race, the destination is a certain place, and we all know it,  it is Orion! Up there in space!! But we were all kicked out!!  Friend you know this and I too!! We were there and we witnessed something happen, it was grim and dark and grievously gray!!  

And that is why we all are here on prison earth!!

Friend the memories, reach back!! Do the math! Cajole!! Disturb!! Disrespect, Disagree and question!! Why oh Why on Earth are we here????

We were kicked out of heaven my friend,

you and I both??

We were there!

WE ALL witnessed something terrible!!!

But then question!!

What the truck then was it, this grievously gray thing that we did??