Will human beings ever be able to fly and will animals one day learn how to talk? The answer has got to be “why not!”. Gravity on earth might shift in a million years from now and therefore the moonwalk and space jumps become the means of locomotion.!! Sub 10 second 100m sprint anyone? That is so old now.

Why do we need speech? Have we physically evolved, or might it be that we are the ones yet to evolve to the point where we speak with our minds as animals probably do? Could physical speech actually be a downshift in evolution and a regression on the path of creation? Speech as a means of communication and transmission of ideas is slow, cumbersome and ineffective. We all respond more to non verbal cues and the context of speech  than the content of what is spoken. And we can’t understand another persons language unless we actively go and learn it. But I’m sure dog language is dog language. Take him to France or Columbia, and I’m sure they all just speak “dog”!!

What really happened at the Tower of Babel? Prior to that we all spoke with one “tongue”. If we experienced a deconstruction of communication, what then was our original tongue and is there a way to reconstruct it? Anyway, speech as a manner of passing information on is so rudimentary, and with advances in science, maybe one day we  will pass our ideas on instantly, by touch for example? If our nerves are trained to do so then yes I’m sure we can!! Here is looking forward to the day of instanteneous recognition and communication!!